Toyota Corolla

Rent a Toyota Corolla in Klaipeda, Lithuania, 5-doors Sedan
  • Rent a Toyota Corolla in Klaipeda, Lithuania, 5-doors Sedan

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Nr. of days: 1–2 3–4 5–7 8–10 11–14 15–30 >30
Price: 170 160 150 130 120 110 susita- rimu
Price: 50 47 44 38 35 32 agree- ment

The car rental is available with chauffeur!

Technical parameters

Class: Average

Year of production: 2019

Gearbox: manual

5 4 4

Fuel type: gasoline

Fuel usage: 6,7l/ 100 km

Sedan car rental Klaipeda. Car equipment: on-board computer, leather sports steering multifunctional wheel and identical climate control system, Bluetooth for iPhone, CD/MP3 player, navigation system. Toyota Corolla is a modern design, improved driving dynamics, fuel costs, economies of scale and increased the unsurpassed security.

Rental conditions

Age limits: Renting the vehicle be at least 22 years of age, have 4 years driving experience.
Documents: Renting the vehicle must have a valid driver's license, passport or identity card (ID)
Payment / Authorization: For vehicle rental services settled in cash, bank transfer or credit card. Renting a car must have a credit card VISA or MASTERCARD, where the franchise is frozen (the lessee's liability in the amount of insurance the occurrence of an event) - from 450 Eur for passenger cars, minibuses (up to 9 seats) - from 550 Eur.
Fuel: The fuel tank will be full when you pick your car and must be returned with full fuel tank. If the car is returned incomplete tank - Fill the fuel tank.
Note: If you ordered the car will have leased or for other reasons can not be made for rent, JND let another company of the same or higher class car (the rental price and other terms and conditions remain unchanged).

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In price included

  • Liability insurance
  • CASCO insurance
  • Administration of accidents
  • Additional driver
  • 650 km mileage/day
  • 24 hours Help Line

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