Opel Insignia

JND – business cars, cars for rent in Klaipeda and throughout Lithuania! 2019, updated – limousine class OPEL INSIGNIA car! Comfortable, stylish and spacious, updated interior, comfortable leather-velour seats, climate control, a wealth of new technologies – navigation, USB connections, Bluetooth, mobile phone synchronization, media and audio options, by the way, you can have no doubt about the quality of the music, because the installed BOSE audio system is incomparable.

Age limits: Renting the vehicle be at least 22 years of age, have 4 years driving experience.

Documents: Renting the vehicle must have a valid driver’s license, passport or identity card (ID)

Payment / Authorization: For vehicle rental services settled in cash, bank transfer or credit card. Renting a car must have a credit card VISA or MASTERCARD, where the franchise is frozen (the lessee’s liability in the amount of insurance the occurrence of an event) – from 450 Eur for passenger cars, minibuses (up to 9 seats) – from 550 Eur.

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