Bova Magiq/Futura

Bova Magiq or Futura are comfortable, spacious coaches in coach class, equipped with comfortable seats, climate control, audio/video equipment, fridge, toilet, mini kitchen. Fuel consumption 25 l/100 km. JND Coach hire for coaches for coach tours and short transfers, in each case we will offer you the best price by specifying the route of travel.

Passenger transport services booking online, which is a single contract of carriage, usually by e-mail by completing the booking form or by fax.

For booking passenger service order, please provide the date of service, or single-trip transportation route, departure time, address, order time and the end of the address.

With a private developer, a travel agency, the company awarded the contract, which provides a mutually agreed share of the responsibilities and obligations.

Payment / Authorization: The vehicle rental company in a cash fund, bank transfer or credit card. For advance payment of the advance was issued account. The original account is prescribed after completion of the service within 3 working days.

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