Viking trip to Kuldīga

We invite you to a fun and exciting trip that is suitable for all members of the family: kids, parents, grandparents and single travellers alike.

Sightseeing tour of Liepaja.

First stop for a coffee/tea/sandwich (packed at home or bought in a supermarket) in Liepaja.

We arrive in Gruobinia. Gruobinia is the first settlement mentioned in historical sources on the territory of Latvia. In the heyday of Gruobinia, there was a medieval castle, and we will visit its remains – impressive! It will be time to find out why there are so many Viking signs in Gruobinia.

We are gradually plunging into a historical period when Vikings were frequent visitors to Gruobinio. We will take part in an interesting, lively and fun excursion that will introduce you to the daily life of the Vikings and to life in Gruobinia itself. Next, the Vikings will travel to Kuldīga. More than 1000 years ago, Kuldyga was a major centre of ancient Curonian trade and culture and was visited by Scandinavian Vikings. Today, Kuldyga has the charm of a small medieval town. The medieval historical centre of Kuldyga near Alekšupytė is a unique and the only one in the Baltic States of its kind, an ensemble of 17th and 18th century buildings by the river, which is why Kuldyga is called the Venice of Latvia. The historical centre of the Old Town of Kuldīga on the Venta River is a UNESCO National List site. The old brick bridge over the Venta River and the Venta Rumba, the widest waterfall in Europe, the highest waterfall in Latvia, the city garden with sculptures by L. Rezewska, charming wooden houses and narrow streets – all this awaits us in Kuldīga. A guided tour with a local guide is foreseen.

The nature in Kuldīga is not only one of the most picturesque, but also one of the warmest in Latvia. Tourists love the Riegeupe Nature Park with its mysterious Duke James sand caves and the picturesque Riegeupe River. We will visit the Riežupe Sand Caves.

The Vikings return home happy as the sun sets.

Notes: ~€10, excluding your meal costs.

Lunch is available for group bookings in advance.


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The program is flexible for groups.
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