The power of sand and amber. The Curonian Spit

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French philosopher J.P. Sartre said: “I feel as if I were standing on the porch of paradise…”
Let’s take a day trip to the corner of paradise mentioned by the famous philosopher – the Curonian Spit National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Nowhere else in Lithuania will you find a place where the smell of pine trees and the sea is so intense, where the wind, the sea and the tiniest grains of sand have created miracles over the centuries, even burying many of the villages that used to be here. Here, deep, unique traditions and masterpieces of art are born from a piece of amber.

We will visit a unique exposition of reed sculptures, sand sculptures, and the inhabitants of Witch Mountain. Grey herons and cormorants in Juodkrantė, Nida with its “Italian view” and “Uncle Tom’s hut”, Parnidis dune with its hourglass and old fishermen’s huts on the Curonian Lagoon coast. During the trip you will hear the most interesting stories of the Curonian Spit, surrounded by the giant Neringa.

We won’t miss the chance to enjoy the million-dollar spectacle of the largest dunes from the perspective of the Curonian Lagoon – you will be amazed by the majesty of the sand dunes. We will take part in a 1-hour sightseeing tour of the Curonian Lagoon, listening to the captain’s fascinating stories.

You will also meet a piece of amber, which you will use to create a lucky amulet. During the educational session at the Amber Museum-Gallery, you will learn a lot of interesting things about our Baltic gold, taste amber medicines and go home with a diploma after learning how to work amber.

Additional charges will apply:

  • Education in the Amber Gallery-Museum 6 Eur.
  • Boat excursion on the Curonian Lagoon to the Great Dune 8-9 Eur/person.
  • Lunch to be booked in advance: 12-15 Eur (We will inform you in advance about the final agreed price and the daily menu).


Registration and information: / +370 679 02200
The program is flexible for groups.
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Tour operator UAB JND

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