Journey to CAPITAL. The Palace of the Grand Dukes and the Republic of Užupis.

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We invite you to travel to Vilnius to visit the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania at the National Museum and find the answer to the question: did our rulers really live “long and happily”? On a themed tour, we will find out how our rulers courted and who they married. Did the future rulers wear white dresses at their weddings? Were marriage contracts drawn up? Why did brides sometimes have to ask messengers to inspect their future husbands at the bath? Why did cups break at the wedding of Alexander the Great and Princess Elena of Moscow in Vilnius Cathedral? Which ruler said she married the crown and not the king? On this tour, you will hear about the old traditions, feasts and fashions of high society marriages! A tour of the Palace of the Grand Dukes (restored historical interiors) will help you to create a picture of the period when the residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius was a centre of culture and art of European level.

After a visit to the Palace of the Grand Dukes, you will have the opportunity to wander around the garden of Bonn Sforza, visit the Cathedral, and climb to the top of Gediminas Tower.

After an organised lunch break, you will enjoy an unforgettable, fascinating and surprising excursion to another republic. Although these are turbulent times, you won’t have to isolate yourself in the Republic of Užupis (unless you want to).

Užupis is distinguished by its contrasts, its open-air arts, its support for freedom and independence not only from invaders or dictatorships, but also from its own limitations, primitiveness and stupidity, and has a natural “border” – the river – which allowed them to create their own separate republic more quickly. This republic has the only church in Vilnius where mass is celebrated in Belarusian, the old Bernardine cemetery and a very beautiful waterfront that leads down to the new district of Paupis. The Republic of Zaupis has its own president, parliament and constitution.

After your wanderings in Užupis, you will have free time for a coffee and a stroll through the streets of Vilnius Old Town.

In the evening, we will head home.

Notes: for paid attractions, local guide and lunch it is recommended to have ~20,00 EUR.


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The program is flexible for groups.
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